Why Bernie Is More Than ‘A Breath Of Fresh Air’

Ask nearly anyone these days, in the last 20 years, back as far as most people can remember, and they would say politicians are not to be trusted. That view has become more and more common, politics has become the realm of people perceived to be professional liars and who only are around to better their own lives.

Bernie Sanders, since his announcement as a candidate for the Democratic Candidacy for US President, has been touted as a ‘breath of fresh air’, someone who doesn’t seem like a modern day politician. I feel he is more than that; less a ‘breath of fresh air’ and more like a thundering anti establishment hurricane ready to cause havoc in Washington. He has thoroughly rejected the idea of massive corporate donations to his campaign, instead taking donations from a record 2.5 million amounting to $73 million. His grassroots campaign, which even included a Reddit AMA, has demonstrated that a genuine straight talking candidate can still generate massive amounts of success through hard work and connecting with the people. The mass support he has rallied across the US is astounding, he has gone from obscurity to leading Hilary in Iowa and New Hampshire polls in under a year, also surging in the national poles. Sanders is living proof that the system can still work, simply the people in charge have taken advantage of the system, and the public are ready to reject them. This is the beginning of a modern revolution, he is storming the castle that houses Wall Street, Big Oil and Washington and is ready to behead the king.

Sanders is ready to bring common sense and straight talking to politics in a way that has not been done for years. His approach to healthcare, education, drug laws, Nasa and so many other issues is so wonderfully progressive, I could not have predicted that this new view would come from a New York born, 74 year old, Jewish man; let alone see it have the impact and popularity that his campaign has thus far enjoyed. He has, in my opinion, single handedly restored faith, that you do not have to be corrupt to make it in politics, he outperforms Hilary against all major Republican candidates in the latest polls and is ready to cash in on the fact that a large majority of people have become disenfranchised with politics. If he gains the Democratic nomination, it will be, quite simply, the greatest step forward for politics for at least a generation. An utter rejection of the current elite; proof that politics has the capacity to change. There is a long way to go and many hurdles to overcome yet, but with Sanders in the picture, the future looks bright for the most powerful nation on earth.


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