Why I Wouldn’t Vote Hillary

​Yes. She is the first female Presidential candidate. Yes. Her opponent may be a fear mongering, semi-closeted white supremecist. Yes. He threatened to build a wall between Mexico and the US and to ban Muslims from entering the US. Yet, to me he still seems less threatening.

Every single time that Trump comes out with something ridiculous or racist or facist, I begin to think, maybe I should support Hillary, I guess she is the lesser of two evils. This is certainly the very positive and righteous narrative being pedalled by commentators such as Trevor Noah at The Daily Show.

And yet…. I can’t bring myself to do it. Every time I see the pendulum swing towards the former Goldwater Girl in the wake of another “Trumpism”, she smacks the ball back into his court. The most recent example being her claim that the FBI’s James Comey completely validated everything she had told the public about her emails. When in fact there was nothing but contradictions. If you don’t believe me check out this clip from The Daily Show that proves just how much she lied…

But my problem doesn’t lie just with, as Bernie put it very eloquently, her “damn emails”; it lies with the endless trail of scandal and deception that is strewn behind her. The Whitewater scandal, Benghazi, her failed 90s Health Care reforms, the “super predator”, and my personal favourite, her constantly changing accent.

Add to this, the dirty campaign she ran against Bernie Sanders and the utterly disgusting campaign she ram against Barack Obama, that she hasn’t held a press conference for 240 days despite making headlines every single day, the fact that any other member of government would have been prosecuted for the security breaches she has overseen and we begin to get a pretty disgusting picture of who we may have as our next President. (I haven’t even had time to mention the endless questions surrounding her Goldman Sachs speeches, the Clinton Foundation, the calls of election rigging during the Democratic primarys, the number of former staff thrown under the bus to protect her, the ties she has to Saudi Arabia, and Bill’s final day Presidential Pardons or the Clinton body count conspiracy). 

When you then consider that only 9% of the population has actualy voted for her and Trump, it leaves a lot for the primary process to answer for, given that her and Trump have the worst favourability and trustworthy ratings of any preseidential nominees ever. Some of the blame for all this being ignored does fall on the Republicans for poorly choosing Benghazi as their weapon with which to beat Hillary over the course of numerous investigations and inquiries which ultimately came to nothing. They are the boys who cried Benghazi.

Trump may be a maverick, a lose cannon who praises dictators and has incredibly shady ties to Russia, but he is not Hillary Clinton. If she is elected, we can expect the system to remain the same, the status quo will go untouched and there will be no meaningful progress made. A Trump Presidency (which we can assume/pray would only be a 1 term thing) would be a step in the right direction, an utter rejection of the current political elite which will end in disaster and then reform. This is the way which the American people must sway, because lets be honest, no one is gonna vote Jill Stein (as much as I wish they would).


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