What Took The Wind Out Of Bernie’s Sails

Watch this clip, you can pin-point the exact moment Bernie lost the momentum in his campaign. A whirlwind primary campaign saw Sanders leap from obscurity to almost win the democratic nomination for President. Along the way he won the hearts and minds of a generation of people who feel cheated by the systemic corruption in US politics. Sanders brought out people by their thousands to rallies all across the country, inspiring millennials to come out and support him in a way that the generation coming of age have never seen before.

But by the time he showed up at the convention his momentum was all but lost, the progressive movement in the democratic party seemed to have dissipated and the wind was taken out of Bernie Sanders sails. How did a candidate who was buoyed by so much hope and optimism suddenly fall by the wayside and become insignificant?

The second that Sanders chose to endorse his former opponent Hillary Clinton, was the second that he lost the support of many in his party. They still respect him, they still believe he would have been the man to take on Donald Trump and start to fix the country, yet the respect is gone. As soon as he endorsed Clinton he became just another politician, falling into line with the party; which is what he did to be honest. But can you really blame Bernie? A man who fights so fervently and so passionately to save the planet and to fight against climate change would never, and has never, done anything that would possibly aid the campaign of Donald Trump.

As soon as Sanders felt he could not win, for whatever reason, he would have reluctantly had to accept that supporting Hillary was the most likely way to prevent Trump from becoming President. Supporting Jill Stein wasn’t a viable option because she is much more likely to draw voters from Hillary’s core of supporters that from Trump’s. Running as an independent would split the Democratic Party and hand Trump the election on a plate. Not endorsing Clinton would do huge damage to her campaign and to the unity of the party. So Sanders was left with one option, fight for Clinton and then fight for climate regulations and to push America towards a zero carbon economy. The sad part is that Bernie’s progressive movement built up so much steam and optimism and then had nowhere to go. He had his moment and now his supporters have been left feeling disenfranchised with the system once again. Clinton and the Democratic Party need to get these supporters back on board or they risk losing them forever.


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