Conservatives: Why Are You So Worried?

The Conservatives have had a very odd reaction to the re-election of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader (a man who technically has a greater mandate to govern that Theresa May), watch the video and see what you think about the Conservative reaction.

“Labour leadership election: Whoever wins, the country loses” – this is the video released by the Tories upon his re-election.

The Tories seem to have become very concerned in slandering a man who, according to them, couldn’t possibly lead the country. Maybe it’s because he inspires loyalty in the younger generations, or because he has won more support in this leadership election than he had in the previous election – going from 59% to 62%. If the majority of his party feel he should be their leader then who are we to argue with the democratic decision that they have come to. Surely that actually gives him more of a mandate than Theresa May, who was elected by the Conservative elite. Here is their official party statement;

After months of division and distraction, Jeremy Corbyn has won the Labour leadership election. Again. But no one should be celebrating this victory. The policies that Labour are offering will do nothing for people who want a government that will deliver for them. The Labour leader:

· Thinks the last Labour government didn’t spend enough.

· Wants to hold back good local schools.

· Wants to give up control of our borders.

· Wants to weaken our armed forces.

· Wants to scrap our nuclear defences.

There was only one winner today, and it wasn’t Britain. Labour are too divided, distracted and incompetent to build a country that works for everyone. Instead of learning lessons from the past, they have engaged in a bitter power struggle that will continue even after they’ve picked a leader. While Labour row amongst themselves, this Conservative government will continue to deliver a country that works for everyone, not just the privileged few. And that is exactly how we intend to carry on in the months and years ahead.

Ok, so some of Corbyn’s policies might be a little vague and need a certain amount of refinement, but this support for him cannot be over-looked. Rather than try to scare the British people about what might happen if Corbyn were to be elected, maybe they should try looking at how to defeat him, and what they can do for the country. If they are the best party to lead Britain forward, then how has Britain lost today? If anything the Labour party has saved Britain by electing someone who could not possibly defeat the Tories, and thus we will have 20 years of perfect Conservative government. They should be partying in the streets after this leadership election, they have secured long-term government!! Or maybe, just maybe, they need to look at how and why Jeremy Corbyn has been elected, and try and to understand what he does that is so appealing to the younger generation.



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