The British Media: Why So Blue?

Before the result was even announced the inevitable result was being bemoaned, “Labour can’t win a general election with Corbyn” “the party is finished” etc etc. Just over a year ago Jeremy Corbyn was elected Labour leader, with 59% of the vote, now he has been re-elected following a vote of “no confidence”, with 62% of the vote. That victory came even after 130,000 new members of the Labour Party were prevented from voting by the Labour NEC.

We have seen an outpouring of anti-Corbynism from the British media,  and yet here we are after a year and he is more popular than ever amongst the party membership. What is alarming is the amount of negativity in the press surrounding Corbyn, for a man who a majority of the 2nd largest party support, he seems to have been utterly written off by the media. We have seen the Telegraph pleading that Jeremy Corbyn must be stopped, that

“Jeremy Corbyn poses as an innocent idealist, but his economics is absurd and his foreign policy appalling. The Labour Party and the country need rescuing from his dangerous campaign”

Or more recently The Observer commented that

“If Jeremy Corbyn is the answer then Labour is asking the wrong question”

Surely if the man has the support of the party membership he should be accepted by the party elite and by the media as a serious leader for the Labour party. But the media bias against Corbyn runs deep,

“The BBC’s willingness to offer its live broadcasting as a venue for transparent media manipulation by establishment Labour MPs are a timely reminder of its inability to be relied on as a public service broadcaster.”

There is a culture of misrepresentation that has been built up, one that needs to be challenged! The BBC, who are meant to be objective, provide endless hours of time on air for Labour MPs to resign and slander their party leader. Even more left wing outlets, such as the Observer and the Guardian, have been incredibly anti-Corbyn in their representation of the news. Private Eye provided possibly the most concise and shocking example of this in a news story they published recently about misrepresentation of Jeremy Corbyn’s comments in the news, whilst this is nothing new for newspapers, it seems to be incredibly heavily biased.


Take from this what you will, but it’s hard to argue with the facts. The British media is Conservative Blue. The issue is that unethical standards in media often lead to a poorly informed electorate; manipulation of public opinion is a lot easier than you realise (see my piece on the need for an ethical media here). Until the standard changes it will be hard for the public to have a truly fair view of anything that isn’t the established status quo. It is a dangerous road to be going down, one that becomes harder and harder to turn back from.


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