Dear Britain, Don’t Sell Yourselves Short

Almost every single day, I wake up and wonder how we got here. How did the Tories manage to convinced huge swathes of the population that they are out to protect the everyday people. With the news that no Tory MPs will be prosecuted for electoral expense fraud, it has been all but confirmed that once again the establishment are once again playing by different rules to the rest of us, and yet the people still believe they are acting in their best interest.

Theresa May and her cabinet of wealthy, spineless elites have done nothing for the ordinary people of this once great country, and don’t let them tell you otherwise. They have failed to cut immigration levels (May has had 7 years in the upper echelons of goverment failing to do so), they are butchering the NHS and selling it off to the highest bidders, the country is suffering the biggest tax burden since the 80s, wage growth has stagnated, housing costs are spiralling beyond control, zero hour contracts pump up the horrendous employment record of the current government, disability benefits are being reassessed at a £500 million net loss to the tax payer, homelessness is on the rise, housing benefits for young people have been cut, tuition fees are set to rise, as is national insurance, triple-lock pensions are under threat, weapons are continually sold to Saudi Arabia, May is cosying up to the most hated President in modern US history, and they are essentially ignoring the massive looming issue of climate change. Yet at the same time they have had a chance to implement a bedroom tax, cut inheritance tax for the top earners, fail to cut down on tax evasion, promise to cut corporate tax rates, push the country into a hard-right Brexit, promise a corporation tax cut, deny the public a say in the Brexit strategy, fail to acknowledge the massive income inequality in the country, fail to address any of the issues highlighted above, and repeat the phrase strong and stable with no detailed policy proposals apart from a strong and stable government a vote of fucking fox hunting – I see they have got their priorities straight.

Please for the love of all that was once great about this country, please don’t fool yourselves into thinking that Theresa May and the Conservatives have anything but their own selfish goals at heart. Her refusal to debate Jeremy Corbyn, take questions from the media that haven’t been pre-approved, or interact with the general public, proves that she has no convictions, no ideology, and no desire to help anyone except herself and her party donors. Don’t be sold down the river Britain, it’s a long 5 years without a paddle.


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